Thursday, 23 February 2012

Welcome Moira Rogers!

In today's guest of honour we get two authors in one! Moira Rogers is the pseudonym of an extremely talented and highly successful writing partnership that I'm thrilled to have at the party today. Moira, welcome to you both!

While trying to decide what sort of post I should write today, I got sidetracked trying to decide who would throw a more interesting party.  This question wasn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface.  In fact, it looked like a job for a Pros & Cons list!

Angel Party Pros
  • ·         If the police bust the party, you can say God approves.
  • ·         No need to hire a DJ. They’ll have harps!
  • ·         Designated Fliers: if you drink too much, someone will fly you home.

Angel Party Cons
  • ·         BYOB. That whole water-to-wine thing is for special occasions only.
  • ·         If God busts the party, YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE, MISTER.
  • ·         The angels have a certain reputation for decorum to maintain. Gotta keep it clean!

Demon Party Pros
  • ·         If the police bust the party, you can claim you were possessed.
  • ·         The Devil knows a lot of great fiddlers. Guaranteed dance music!
  • ·         You can’t get too wild for a demon party. All the vice, none of the judgement.

Demon Party Cons
  • ·         Have you ever tried to get a cab to pick you up from Hell at 3 AM?
  • ·         If God busts the party, YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE, MISTER.
  • ·         If you accidentally sign anything at a demon party, you may wake up soulless.

So which will it be? Party dangerous with the demons or hang safe with the angels?  Me, I’d probably take a chance.  What can I say. I really like fiddle music.

Excerpt from Hammer Down by Moira Rogers

“It shouldn’t matter.” His voice grated, suddenly angry. “God damn it, it shouldn’t fucking matter. You shouldn’t matter.”

It hurt, even though she understood the sentiment perfectly. “Thanks.”

He snarled again and covered the space between them in two long strides, crowding her against the wall. His hands slapped the wall on either side of her head, but he didn’t touch her. “Liar. Or are you going to tell me you want me to matter?”

She opened her mouth to give him a kind lie, to tell him he didn’t matter in the least, not to her. “No. I wish I didn’t give a damn about you.”

“You don’t. You don’t know me.” He pressed closer, nothing but hard muscle and heat stretched out against her. “We both got it bad, sweetheart. If you want to take me for a ride and get it out of your system, I’m game.”

“I bet you are.” He’d obviously given the matter some thought, which was more than she was capable of at the moment. Her body had gone into sensory overdrive, cataloguing every bit of tactile information it could gather about him.

And it wasn’t enough. She wanted to know what he tasted like, mouth and skin. Whether she could find softness anywhere on his body, or if he was all hard. There was only one way to find those answers, so she lifted her hands to his shoulders and pushed, testing his strength.

He didn’t budge. His lips curved into that wicked smile she’d first seen at the Pit Stop, and his hands skated down to grasp her hips. One quick jerk lifted her off the ground, onto his solid, muscular thigh, and he crushed his mouth to hers.

Heat blazed through Devi. Nothing, not even the way she’d spent the last few days craving him, had prepared her for the way she reacted to what should have been a simple kiss. His tongue touched hers and her knees went weak, leaving her grinding down on his leg. He knew how to take a woman’s mouth with single-minded determination, waging all-out war on her defenses. His thigh began to move against her, and he matched the thrusts of his tongue to that slow, deadly rock.

Devi jerked her mouth from his with a gasp. “Harder.”

“Bossy.” He bit her lower lip, and his chuckle rolled over her. “You want something, you take it.” He fit his mouth to hers again as his rough fingers curled around the back of her neck.

He liked being in control, but so did she. When she rocked against him this time, she dropped her hand and caressed the hard ridge of his cock in time with her body’s movements.

She swallowed his hissing moan, and a heartbeat later he snatched up her wrist and pinned it against the wall. “If that’s how you want to play…” He moved his other hand from her hip to her ass, dragging her into his next grinding thrust.

A little creative wiggling put her legs on either side of his, and she arched off the wall. She wanted to play, so badly that once wouldn’t be enough. She’d fuck him fast, round off the sharp edge of hunger twisting her belly. Then she could take her time, learn all those things she couldn’t leave without knowing.

He groaned, a rumbling noise that was half pleasure, half something darker, but he let her wiggle as he lowered his lips to her ear. “Impatient, aren’t you? Do you usually fuck men who roll onto their backs for you?”

“Sometimes.” She moved her hips once more, and a bolt of pleasure shuddered through her. Anticipation prickled over her skin and tightened her nipples.

“Lazy bastards. Not that I wouldn’t let you ride me, sweetheart.” He squeezed her ass. “But not until I’d had my fingers between your thighs. I bet you bite when you come.”

The mental picture his words painted was intoxicating. “And you like the thought of my teeth on your skin.”

“Depends on where you sink ’em.” He worked a hand between their bodies, his knuckles skimming the edge of her pants. “Where would you let me sink mine?”

“I’m not nearly so picky.” Flip, easy words, handy for hiding how deeply his touch shook her. “Bite me wherever you want.”

“That’d be just about everywhere.” His fingertips were hot as they grazed her bare skin. Rough breaths fell against her cheek, almost panting, proof that he wasn’t nearly as unaffected as his cocky, casual tone implied. “Fuck, I wanted to do you slow, but I’m losing my damn mind. Can’t think about anything but being inside you.” He traced his tongue around the shell of her ear and proved the words with a low groan.

The wet trace of his tongue made her hands clench in his shirt, and the fabric ripped a little. “Shit, sorry. Take it off.”

A rough denial as his fingers jerked at her pants. “If you weren’t wearing these, I’d be fucking you already.”

Devi bit his jaw. “You’d be fucking me already if you didn’t talk so much.”

“And I’m talking—” He froze, his hand halfway into her pants, and cursed as his gaze jerked to the door.

She heard it a second later, pounding footsteps coming down the hallway. Zel backed away and eased her to the floor. She wanted to withdraw, smooth her hair and take a moment to compose herself, but there could be trouble. If there was, it was likely to affect her crew.

So she jerked open the door as Cache skidded to a stop outside of it. “What happened?”

Cache couldn’t hear her words, but she apparently had no trouble interpreting her meaning. Her fingers flew, three quick gestures in a row. Tanner. Guard. Fight.

“Fuck.” Devi grabbed her vest and shrugged into it with a quick glance at Zel. “Tanner’s found trouble. A fight with a guard.”

He swore and jerked his shirt back into place, seemingly oblivious to Cache’s too-curious appraisal. Devi turned back and signed to Cache. Where?

Cache pointed behind her, toward the hallway that led to the main common area and the tunnel to the rest of the compound.

Zel appeared at Devi’s shoulder. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. Somewhere in the compound…” She scrubbed her hands over her face. The last thing they could afford after Cache’s potential snooping was violence. “We have to stop it. Come on.”

She didn’t wait for him to follow, too preoccupied by the knowledge that they were heading into a fight that likely involved more than one halfblood. The same demon heritage that made them such fierce warriors also gave them enhanced senses.

She had Zel’s scent all over her, and vice versa. Which meant that, in very short order, the complications Zel had wanted to avoid would come crashing down around them.

Today Moira is kindly giving away a download of Hammer Down to one lucky commenter who answers her question above: Which will it be? Party dangerous with the demons or hang safe with the angels? The contest will end at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced tomorrow on this thread.


  1. This post made me laugh. Since I'm out in public, snickering like a moron, I have to go with demon. Curse you two!

  2. Haha!!!

    Well, if we're in big trouble both ways if God busts the party...lets go with the bad!!

    in Germany

  3. Stephanie Walters-Rowe23 February 2012 at 08:24

    Well, I'm not a big fan of the BYOB so I need to party with the Demons. Besides, in company like that I would be the normal one for a change. From what I hear, what happens at a Demon party, stays at a Demon party.

  4. Yes, Demon parties are like Vegas. What happens there stays there! ;)

    Looks the Demons are going to have a swinging party so far!

  5. Hmm... let's hang with the angels--always wanted to know what it'd be like to party with those who can fly ;) And sheesh, wouldn't want to end up soulless--who knows what I'd end up signing while partying hearty?! ;p

  6. Funny blog! Love it.

    I'll party with the angels. Maybe they'll teach me how to fly! But that harp music? Hope they know how to jazz that up

  7. I see you've put some thought into this. God busting the party made me LOL. Can I invite both and see what happens? :D

  8. Maybe the secret is to see which party God is busting that night, and go to the other one :).

    Thanks for the laugh, Moira! Tell us what's coming next from you, book-wise?


  9. I will always party with the demons instead of the angels. I figure you just have to go for it. ;-)

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  10. Oh yeah, got to party with the demons. The way I figure it, you're going to hell either way so you might as well go all the way. Besides, I can only handle so much harp music before I have to do something crazy!

  11. Gotta go for the fun. Would have to choose the Demon party, but then take the demons and crash the angel party. Sounds like a fun night.
    Great excerpt, would love to win and read this book. this is a new author for me and always looking for new books to check out.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Yes, I think the demon party's the place to be :). Thanks to everyone for such a fun day - especially our guest(s) of honour! Thanks for joining us, Bree!

    Back in a moment with Moira's lucky winner!


  13. And the winner of Moira Rogers's HAMMER DOWN is...

    Stephanie Walters-Rowe!

    Congratulations, Stephanie! Please contact me with your email address: Marie AT MarieTreanor DOT com. Thanks!


  14. Rofl I was thinking the same thing. And since I don't have any intention of signing anything I think I be alright lol.
    Thanks for the great excerpt.