Friday, 30 September 2011

Welcome Zoe Archer!

As our final guest of honour to this week's party, I'm thrilled to welcome the talented and versatile Zoe Archer - welcome, Zoe!

Some might think it an odd fit that an author of historical paranormal romance also writes science fiction romance.  They don’t have anything in common, do they?

Let’s see…

  • Adventure?  Check.
  • Action?  Check.
  • Fun world building?  Check.
  • Sexy heroes?  Check.
  • Kick-ass heroines?  Check.
  • Hot, hot love scenes?  Check, and check!

My voice changes a little bit when I’m writing sci-fi romance.  I can use more colloquial language, and also I get to make up metaphors, similes and references (ex.  He’d seen the blatant interest in her eyes.  The way she looked at him as if he was the last drop of water in the Gephel Sand Wastes.)  My sci-fi heroes and heroines use plasma blasters for weapons rather than rifles and swords, and they fly spaceships instead of riding on horseback, but doesn’t really matter if they happen to be in England, Mongolia or a distant galaxy.  My constant is that I write about daring men and women having adventures and falling in love (oh, and having hot, hot sex).

Here’s my question for you, readers: what are the constants that you look for in a romance (aside from the happily ever after)?  Do you love adventure?  Do you crave intense turmoil between the hero and the heroine?  Or do you look for humor and witty dialogue? 

One lucky responder will win not only a copy of my sci-fi romance COLLISION COURSE, they’ll also win a copy of PUSHED TO THE LIMIT, a sci-fi romance written by Nico Rosso (who also happens to be my husband)! 

And be on the lookout for CHAIN REACTION, my next sci-fi romance, out January 6 from Carina Press, and THE LIMIT OF DESIRE, Nico’s next sci-fi romance from Liquid Silver books, available in November.


In Mara’s quarters, Kell quickly shucked off his uniform, his movements mechanical though his mind and gut churned.

Why he was so angry? It shouldn’t matter if the clothes belonged to her one-night stands. It shouldn’t matter to him that she even had one-night stands. 

But it did. It mattered. 

He stared at Mara’s unmade bed. It was definitely wide enough for two. Had she brought them here, those men? Did she get these sheets twisted by writhing around with some brash space privateer? The image of her, sweaty and wild and sleek on the bed, came all too quickly into his mind, but it was him he pictured with her, not a swaggering pirate. 

As he stepped into his civilian pants, he felt the strange urge to find those random men and beat them into cosmic powder. For fuck’s sake, get a hold of yourself. He didn’t even feel jealousy about the women he did take to bed, let alone a smuggler he had no intention of bedding. A smuggler with creamy hair and taunting eyes. 
This is about the mission, he reminded himself. Nothing else.

Still, after picking the one shirt that wasn’t either transparent or cut down to the navel, Kell took a grim satisfaction in using his regulation blade to shred the rest of the men’s clothing. He threw the remains into a waste compartment.

Brilliant. Why don’t you just piss on them while you’re at it? 

He finished dressing, and was glad there wasn’t a mirror in her quarters. He didn’t want to know what he looked like. 

If the expression on Mara’s face was any indicator, he looked damn good. He ambled back to the galley, dressed in his closest approximation of a smuggler. She sat in the cockpit with her seat swiveled around to face him. Her eyes went wide, and he waited for her to laugh. Instead, a flush crept across her cheeks and she slowly licked her lips.


He glanced down. His pants were standard black cargos, and he’d strapped his blaster back onto his thigh. The shirt was also black, sleeveless, and cut for a smaller man. It fit Kell a little snugly, revealing every ridge and contour of muscle. Judging by Mara’s glazed eyes, she didn’t mind at all. 

Today, Zoe is giving away two books to one lucky commenter: her own Collision Course, and Nico Rosso's Pushed to the Limit. To enter the draw, answer Zoe's question above: what are the constants that you look for in a romance (aside from the happily ever after)? The contest will close at midnight tonight, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning on this thread.


  1. I think for somthing that I look for is series, I love series of books because I like to follow the persons story. I look for sexy heroes, or a rake, and heroines, they keep the story entertaining. I love a story about a shy or a wallflower, either guy or girl, because you know that some rake is going to come and devour the poor girl. I love historical and paranormal romances.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
    GFC & blog follower: Chris Bails

  2. I must admit I like a bit of humour. Doesn't have to be slapstick or constant one-liners, but I like the odd laugh - just to contrast with the turmoil :).

    Zoe, thanks for joining us today! I've just been reading your first Blades of the Rose, and find the setting fascinating. Have you actually been to Mongolia, or did you manage to achieve all that by armchair research?


  3. I always expect that the hero and heroine are better together than apart. They need to be independent and manage life on their own, but need to have that something extra together.

    They need to evoke the best parts of each other, otherwise it doesn't feel like real love to me.

    I loved Warrior because Gabriel (*swoons*) and Thalia were so very much a team, and truly kicked more ass together than apart.

    Definitely interested in both stories, so count me in for the giveaway.

  4. Marie--Thanks for having me! Admittedly, the only traveling I've done to Mongolia was in my imagination (and through the power of research). But the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to go. It seems like an amazing place.

    Jan--Glad you enjoyed Warrior (and that you think Gabriel is swoon-worthy). Yep, having the hero and heroine be a team is what I think of as romantic.

  5. I actually love action, conflict and humor:) The only thing I have trouble with is flowery type stories, or anything close to Nicholas Sparks. LOL I think my stuff either edgy or at least witty.

    You and your husband are writers! I didn't know that:) How cool!

    wayfaringwriter at gmail dot come

  6. I love when the sexual chemistry is intense and blisteringly hot, when the dialogue is smart and a bit snarky, when the characters come alive with an amazing storyline, when there is a bit of humor, and when the world is so fascinating, you can’t wait to return to it.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. I loved Star Wars as a kid, but also got mad whenever Nancy and Ned danced around and didn't kiss until later in the Nancy Drew series. So when "Courtship of Princess Leia" was published? Yep, that's my kind of book. I was in Heaven. Love, love mixture of sci-fi/action with romance.

  8. I love it when the Hero and Heroine are perfectly competent on their own, but work well together as a team, something I love about your Blades of the Rose series.

  9. I enjoy the sexual build up...I like it to simmer throughout and then explode!!! Hehe!!

    I also like it when the couple meet they kind of don't like each other and are always bickering...but then....boom....they realise that they are in love!!!

    in Germany

  10. I like seeing the sparks fly between a smart heroine and an action-oriented hero. After that the variants are endless.
    I've already read Collision Course and loved it.

  11. First of all, let me just say....yippee Zoe Archer is visiting Marie Treanor! Ok, now that I have gotten that out of the way, I have to say that I don't always need the HEA. I can be happy with the HFN or even the question mark. It really depends on the story. I love to have intelligence and wit in my stories. Of course, the gut wrenching drama can be great too! But humour is a must!

  12. Interesting answers to Zoe's questions! Enjoyed reading them :).

    Zoe, many thanks for joining us yesterday! I'll be back in a few minutes with our winner!


  13. And Zoe's winner is...


    Congratulations, Chris! You've left your email address already, so I'll make sure Zoe's got it.


  14. Yay, congrats Chris!!! Thanks for a great party, Marie.

    in Germany