Saturday, 26 February 2011

Urban Fantasy Bargains

As a quick postscript to the Urban Fantasy Party, I thought you might like to know about a couple of my own e-books - which could be labelled urban fantasy - on special offer right now :).

Changeling Press has Loving the Wolf, the first novella in my City of the Damned series, available for just 99 cents:

Enter, if you dare, the City of the Damned...
...with Marie Treanor's post-apocalyptic trilogy: Loving the Wolf, Loving the Vampire and Loving the Man, available together as an ebook collection.

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews:
"...humor, passion, excitement, danger, and lots of screaming hot sex, in totally unexpected places." - Holly

Loving the Wolf: City of the Damned Part 1
By Marie Treanor
Available now at Changeling Press for 99 cents!

In the depths of nuclear winter, Lara, a self-sufficient female cop, leaves the safety of her Dome City and travels north in search of her missing brother.  His trail evaporates in an open, ravaged city where the buildings are in ruin and the people burn whatever they can find to keep warm.  There is no law, people mug and kill for food, and packs of dogs and wolves roam the streets.
To Lara it is hell itself, until she discovers it is a very special place where a particular cocktail of radiation poisoning has caused strange genetic mutations – like Will, the seductive stranger who is so different that even his fellow werewolves (the feared “lupi”) have rejected him.
But Will has many plans: to recover leadership of the werewolves; to rebuild his city; to gain acceptance of the lupi as the superior beings they can become - and to make Lara his life mate. 

You can also use the Damned Discount code :) Buy any of my Tales of the Damned series books at Changeling Press and take 10% off your entire order -- one order only -- with the code TalesOfTheDamned -- good now thru 02/28/2011.

Tales of the Damned include: City of the Damned (Ebook Collection); Christmas of the Damned (Christmas Cookie - short story); Dragul Rising (Ebook Collection) and Rogue Warriors (Ebook Collection). Probably best read in that order, but not strictly necessary :). Read more details on my website,, and at Changeling Press.


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