Saturday, 5 February 2011

Party News!

I've been busy over the last week organizing us some more parties :). Here's what we have so far:

21st-25th February - Urban Fantasy Party
28th March-1st April - Vampire Party
25th-29th April - Romantic Comedy Party
23rd-27th May - Historical Romance Party
June - Sadly no party since I'm going on holiday - will have a contest instead!
25th-29th July - Steampunk Party

And I'm delighted to say we have some wonderful guests already signed up for each event. I'll be announcing the guests of honour at the Urban Fantasy party very soon, so watch this space!

I'm still open to suggestions as to the theme parties you'd most like to see, so feel free to let me know your ideas!

On a slightly different note, the very wondereful Sloane Taylor is featuring some of my books - both new releases and "golden oldies" - on her blog now and over the next few weeks, so I hope you can drop by and leave Sloane and me a comment :).



  1. how about a Faery party? Shifter Party? People of the Sea party (selkies, mermaids, Warriors of Poseidon), Assassins (think Jennifer Estep or Monica Burns)? It looks like we are in for a lot of fun!!!

  2. Great ideas! I was thinking we'd have to do shifters at some point, but I really like the sea people idea... Glad you mentioned Jennifer Estep too... :)