Friday, 28 January 2011

Alas, the Party's Over...

But what a party! :)

I have to say a HUGE thank you to our wonderful guests of honour over the last week - Marta Acosta, Kimberly Killion, Donna Grant, Toni Anderson and Julianne MacLean. You've been most entertaining and generous and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you and your books.

And an equally huge thank you to EVERYONE who joined the party - you made it go with a great swing, and there's no doubt it's been FUN!

I have details now for most of our party winners - still need an email address from one of Kimberly's winners - Gabrielle Lee. (Gabrielle, please send it to me at

And while I'm talking about winners, the winners of the pre-party contest for followers still need to get in touch with me: TAMSYN, you won the paperbacks, and MARY PRESTON won the ebook.

Now, the NEXT PARTY!

This will be 21st to 28th February, and the exciting theme will be Urban Fantasy... Hope to see you all back here then!



  1. thanks for hosting it Marie! I had a blast and now have a few new authors to read (which is always good)!

  2. A big congrats to all the winners. It was a great party!! Lovely authors and lots of info about all things scottish.

    Looking forward to the next one. I love Urban Fantasy.

    in Germany

  3. Thnaks, guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'm really delighted the opening party was so successful. Bodes well for the Urban Fantasy one in Feb :) - I'll post news of that as soon as I can...


  4. Thanks for hosting the party, Marie!

    And congrats to all the winners!

  5. You're welcome, Sheree - I thoroughly enjoyed it!