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Welcome Donna Grant!

I'm thrilled to welcome today's guest of honour, Donna Grant, bestselling author of fabulous Scottish historical romance and fantasy!


Maybe it’s because I write historical novels, but one of the most asked questions I get is “would you travel back in time and to where?”

It’s an easy answer for me.  Yes, I would travel back in time, and I’d go to Medieval Scotland.  It would take some getting used to, especially the lack of plumbing, toothbrushes, caffeine, and pasta.

I have no doubt life would be more than difficult.  After all, we’re used to remote control TV, information easily – and quickly – accessible through computers, not to mention cell phones and iPods. We’re the information age with instant gratification.

Our world is so drastically different than Medieval Scotland.  In a few short hundred years, lives went from basic living off the land and seeing people daily to hectic days, buying food from grocery stores, and going months, if not years, without seeing or speaking to your neighbor, much less speaking to people you pass on the street or the mall.

Could we survive in medieval times?  Putting aside the leap in physical hygiene over the ages, life was much simpler back then.  If you had a problem with someone, you faced them instead of texting or emailing them.  If you wanted to call off an affair, there was no hiding behind technology.  You stood before them and said your piece.

There’s a debate in whether medieval life was more violent.  At least in medieval times, you saw your opponent attack and you had time to retaliate or hide.  Now, with bombs that can cross oceans, that silent, almost constant worry hangs over our head.

Still, knowing all of this, I would love to see Medieval Scotland.  I’ve always been drawn to Scotland.  Maybe that’s why I centered my historical paranormal Dark Sword series there.  The third book in the series, WICKED HIGHLANDER, released on the November 2nd, and I hope you pick up the book to be transported back to another time and place.

So, I want to know - Would you time travel if given the option?

I’ll be giving away a signed copy WICKED HIGHLANDER to a commenter.  Happy Reading! 

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The Dark Sword series unleashes the magic, passion, and fury of three legendary brothers - cursed by fate but bound by desire for the women they love...

The most reckless and fierce of the MacLeod brothers, Quinn is a prisoner of the god inside him, tormented by his inability to save his family from slaughter. His fury governs him, and day by day he loses himself to the darkness in his soul. But Quinn has a profound yearning for a woman’s love...

Raised by Druids, the achingly beautiful Marcail is as spellbinding as the ancient magic that surges through her body. To Quinn, she is the most desirable woman he has ever known. But to his enemy Deirdre, she is the perfect bait to lure Quinn into her trap. Once the two lovers are in her wicked grasp, their passion will be put to the ultimate test...

Exclusive Excerpt from WICKED HIGHLANDER
With a sigh, Quinn gathered the Druid in his arms and stood.  She weighed no more than a feather, but the feel of her soft body made Quinn realize how long he had been without a woman.

He held her pleasing body and curves longer than was necessary before he placed her on the slab he used for his bed.  He yearned to lay beside her and feel her warmth, hungered to touch her skin.  Longed to taste her lips.  He brushed the dark locks of hair from her face, surprised to find rows of tiny braids on the crown of her head and her temples.
Quinn smiled as he fingered one of the plaits.  She was a child of the Celts.  Her magic thrummed through her veins for all to feel.  It was strong, very strong.

 He wondered again why Deirdre hadn’t killed her.  Though the Pit was far below the space Deirdre used as her great hall, Quinn had heard Deirdre say the Druid thought the MacLeods could save her.

 Was it because the woman knew of him and his brothers?  Nay, he didn’t think that would stop Deirdre.  There had to be something else.  If there was one thing Quinn knew about Deirdre it was her self-preservation.  Deirdre thought of herself first and foremost on everything.

 It was one of the many reasons she had lasted as long as she had.  That and the black magic she used.  Hatred for Deirdre swelled within Quinn making his god growl and yearn to be free.  The god promised vengeance against Deirdre, and for a heartbeat, Quinn nearly gave in.

 He concentrated on battling the god and gaining control again.  Each time became more difficult.  Quinn didn’t know how much longer he had before the god took over.  He prayed his brothers reached him before that happened.

 Quinn stilled when the female moaned.  She was going to be in pain, but there was nothing he could do to help her.  It was also chilly in the Pit.  They were far below ground and water constantly ran down the walls making the Pit damp as well.

 He rubbed his hands along her bare arms and felt how cool her skin was.  Quinn racked his mind for what Lucan or Fallon would do for the woman.  He had no food, no blankets, and nothing to assist with her aches.  Had he just prolonged her death?

 Quinn sank onto the slab near her legs and allowed himself to think of Lucan and the woman his brother loved.  Cara was a perfect fit for his brother in all ways.  He wondered if they had gotten married.  He supposed they had, though the thought of the ceremony without him left an ache in Quinn’s chest that made it difficult to breathe.

 His thoughts then turned to Fallon.  As eldest, Fallon had been taught since his birth the duties of a laird.  None of them could have guessed an evil like Deirdre would wipe out their clan leaving nothing behind.
 Quinn had seen how difficult it had been for Fallon to deal with the god inside him, but Quinn hadn’t been able to help his brother when he grieved so for his wife and son.

 As always Lucan had been there to hold them together.  Quinn hated himself for the jealousy he felt towards his brother.  Lucan had shouldered so much with Quinn’s rage and Fallon’s drunken stupor that he deserved contentment.
 Instead of sharing in the joy with Lucan, Quinn had resented him.  Quinn envied Lucan because Lucan had what Quinn had always sought – love.  The purest, truest form of love.

 But Quinn would never know that kind of affection, of that he was certain.

 He turned his eyes to the female beside him.  She was petite and so slender she appeared no more than a child at first glance.  Until one looked at her chest and saw the curves of breasts full and pert.
Her gown was of common material, but the gold bands that held her braids told him she was much more than she seemed.  As all Druids were.

 Unable to help himself, he leaned forward and inhaled her scent again.  She smelled so good he almost thought he was back at his castle standing on the cliffs with the sea wind ruffling his hair and the spray of the waves washing over him.

 Quinn’s gaze raked her face.  Her long, sooty lashes rested against her cheeks, and dark brows arched softly above her eyes.  He was curious to know what color her eyes were, to see if they were as exotic as the rest of her.
She had high cheek bones, a small, pert nose, and a mouth that begged to be kissed.  His balls clenched, desire making his breathing harsh.  He touched a finger to her lips before he could think better of it.  They were so soft, so luscious he almost leaned down to taste them.

To savor.  To enjoy.  To claim.

Remember, to enter Donna's contest, answer her question: Would you time travel if given the option?  Donna's contest will close at midnight tonight, EST, and her winner will be announced on this thread.


  1. I don't think I would want to actually travel back in time, especially to medieval days. Firstly, I don't speak the language. And unless you knew you were going and could prepare a proper costume, etc, you would probably be killed on sight, so it would be a short trip. People were a lot more proactive back then when it came to dealing with unknowns. And let's face it, what would be more unknown that some strangely dressed woman speaking in tongues appearing out of nowhere. I'd burn her as a witch. And if they didn't kill you right away, they would soon after because you would start infecting them with diseases they have no immunity for almost immediately. Once the people you were in contact started dropping like flies, they would be strapping you to a stake and lighting the fire pretty quick.

    Now, if I could go back as a ghost...observe and not actually interact...I'd go in a heart beat. I like to think that ghost sightings are actually time travellers from the future :-)

  2. Lovely excerpt, Donna!

    Thinking about time travel, I'd go if I knew I could come back when things got tough :). I think you'd need a pretty adventurous soul to thrive in medieval Scotland! From your website, it does sound as if you have that spirit - do you think of yourself as aventurious?

  3. Great post Donna! As much as I love history and the differences and advances that each century has ...I don't think that I would time travel- at least not to the past because I'm pretty used to being able to shower daily, drink coffee and have things pretty much "on demand" like we do in this day and time. I also value the improvements that women have achieved as far as rights and abilities- we've still got ground to make up but we are in such a much better place than a woman in the middle ages who couldn't even pick who she would marry. I might be willing to travel into the future to see if things are even faster and more fun there. Your book looks fabulous and quite a few people that I know really like your writing style so I'll be adding your books to my wishlist.

  4. Zita, very true!

    Marie - lol! Me? Adventurous? Heck no, doll. I'm the antithesis of adventurous. It's why I live through my characters. :)

    Maria - lmao! I'd definitely miss my caffeine for sure, and the showers. Thank you. I hope you do pick up one of my books. :)

  5. I would LOVE to time travel (as an observer). I would get chills thinking about watching history being made, to see Stonehenge being built and observing the Druids and Celts would be awesome.

    Mindy :)

  6. Hmm, I'm not sure I'd want to travel back in time. I think I'm too lazy :) I would love to see some of the ruins in Scotland when they were first built.
    Lovely excerpt BTW :)

  7. Hi, D!
    I would time-travel if given the option. First stop would be Victorian England. :-)

    Mel K.
    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

  8. I think I would love to go back into time. The thought of being able to live off the lands is really eco-friendly. I would also like to think that if we could take some knowledge back with us that would be helpful to people. Such as knowledge of germs, disease, child-birth. Also, just think about being able to breathe fresh air before cars, trains, diesel fuels.


  9. Mindy - I know! Can you imagine discovery just who built Stonehenge and when?! That would be incredible.

    Toni - Glad you liked the excerpt. :)

    Mel - Hi! :D

    Paula - Clean air. Yes, that would be fabulous. And clean water. There would definitely be pros and cons to traveling back in time.

  10. I don't think I would really travel back in time....I'm not quite that adventurous :) But I do LOVE reading about Highland adventures as seen through the eyes of the characters! ( Just in the safety of my own home..haha! )

  11. I would love to travel back in time to Medievil Scotland. There is something magical about the Highlands and that time period and would love the opportunity to experience it. Of course, due to the lack of basic comforts, I wouldn't want to stay.

  12. Leagh Christensen26 January 2011 at 08:41

    I would definitely time travel. I would love to go to Medievil Scotland or even London and experience it for one day :) I am fascinated by the London Ton and the royalty there and would love to go back in time and see it in person.

  13. Not adventurous, Donna? I don't believe you :).

    Paula, I agree fresh air without car pollution would be nice, but I suspect there'd be other smells to deal with, like human effluence, BO, and animal excrement :).


  14. Donna, I'm with you. I would travel to Medieval Scotland if I had the chance. I think I would only want to stay if I had a man like Quinn. I agree with Marie too, I would like to have the opportunity to come back. I hate the cold and I don't know if I could stand living in a drafty castle. Yeah...he'd have to be a really hot highlander for me to stick around!

  15. I would time travel just to experience what life was like in London in the past but I wouldn't be able to live in the past because I would miss the modern conveniences.

  16. jmpomelow - lol! Reading about adventures is almost as good as living them. And safer. :)

    Christine - There is something magical about Scotland!

    Leagh - Can you imagine seeing one of the balls in person?!

    Marie - :D Just as my husband.

    Cindy - Ohhh, Quinn would be a good catch for sure!

    Jeanette8042 - We'd definitely need a way home. :)

  17. I don't think I would be able to live in the past: no electricity, no running water, no internet ... Nope, I wouldn't last a day. It would be nice to visit for a few hours, though.

  18. D
    I would not hesitate to time travel. Being a writer, that would be the ticket--go back in time to see how things really happen, experience it first hand--and then use it in your writing.

  19. For me even though I am put off by the whole hygiene thing, I would like to go to Italy during the Renaissance or to watch the pyramids being built.

  20. here's a Donna Grant fan!!!!

    Yes, I would love to go back in time to Tudor England...especially to Elizabeth I and only if I could live at court. It must have been fascinating.

    in Germany

  21. I would love to travel back in time I'd want to be wealthy A woman with means, I would invent the toilet penicillin Coffee ( just for you Donna alright me too).
    Of-course my Husband would be no other than QUINN :-}
    have a good one Ann/Alba

  22. Spav - visiting would be nice. :)

    Trish - Yes! To experience some of the world's greatest events would be awesome.

    Gigis - lol. I think we'd all be put off by the hygiene thing. :D

    Valerie - hey, doll! Thanks for stopping by.

    Ann - lol! Ah, thx! We'd need that coffee. Ah, another who wants Quinn. :)

  23. Hey Donna!

    It's a tough call. I think seeing how it was to live back there would be cool. As long as i did not have to stay for an extended visit. I am probably way to much of a "loud mouth" for anyone back in the day to not to shoot, stab, or hang me on site (hence no extended stay). But to see some rugged Highlanders, I would become a mute ^_^

    Hayden Lover

  24. I would love to time travel, but to the place and time I want. And if it wasn't to my liking I'd want to be able to flit somewhere else. And I really love the Highlander and his big sword...*snort*

  25. Practimom - hey! Thanks for stopping by. lol. Become a mute, huh? :D

    Sheila - good thinking wanting to go several places. :)

  26. nope couldn't do it . I'm far to spoiled by modern tech to even consider it oh that and I have issues with the thought that I could come down with plague and the like lol

  27. If I were to travel back in time, can I come back to the present again? The past may be interesting to visit, but I don't want to live there.


  28. Jennifer - lol! Well, there certainly was that. :)

    Sheree - yes! We'd have to be able to return for sure! :)

  29. Yes, I would time travel. There are so many periods in history I'd like to know more about. But I'd be glad to come back to this time. Life might have seemed simpler in the past but I'll take the technology we have today.

  30. Loving all the time travel ideas! And the big sword jokes :).

    I'll be back soon with Donna's winner...


  31. Donna's winner is... SHEREE! Big congratulaions, Sheree! Please send your postal address details to me at


  32. Wow! Thank you so much! I've emailed my info.

  33. Donna,

    I think it would be amazing to see one of the royal balls in person. Wow, just thinking about it makes me shiver. The dresses that the women wore had to be so gorgeous and the men just absolute gentlemen. It would definitely be a treat :)

    Thx for a great contest and discussion!!!


  34. Thank you all for coming out to chat with me. I enjoyed it so much! And thanks to Marie for inviting me. :)

    Congrats, Sheree, on winning!


  35. Great excerpt and topic. I'd travel back in time, too. However, I'd want to live in Tombstone and ride with the Earp brothers, just once. Then, I'd like to meet you in Scotland, Donna. :)

    Destiny Blaine

  36. Congrats to Sheree!!!

    in Germany

  37. Donna, it's been great having you here! Thanks for being such a fab guest of honour :)

    Hi Destiny! Nice to see you here! How are you?


  38. Enjoyed the excerpt!

    I would time travel only if guaranteed that I
    could return to my present day life. Like Donna,
    I would go back in time to Medieval Scotland.
    Scotland is tops on the list of places I would
    love to visit in present time.

    Pat Cochran

  39. Ooooh I love the question! Yes I would! But only if I was given the option of taking what I wanted with me. I would not bring silly things like deodorant..but realistic like a survival guide to being Medieval (oooh sounds like a great book to write!) and another on how to make antibiotics and soap. I would also want to bring enough back with me so I did not live dirt poor. Can you imagine the smell? The disease? The poverty? I can. BUT on saying that I would love to see certain key figures, like Elizabeth. She really is my idol doing what she did alone. I read a book once called, A Knight In Shining Armor by Jude Devereaux and that opened my eyes and dreams and fantasies to the time travel genre. Ever since then I have been fascinated and wondered..What could happen to me. Or you. You never know!
    (ps a sense of humor in the writing REALLY does make a difference as well!)
    Peace (and carrots)
    Ti Colluney