Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Urban Fantasy TV

Well, after talking about movies yesterday, let's move on to the small screen! Which urban fantasy television programmes or series stand out for you?

For me, it was the earlier episodes of Angel (above and below left). It seemed to show Angel as a grown-up, and his brooding seemed to fit really well into the noir, city setting :). I liked the loneliness of the characters, the lurking supernatural dangers and of course the hero protecting the city dwellers from threats they didn't know were there..

I was (still am!) a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan too, of course, but for me, the smaller town setting doesn't seem to work so well as urban fantasy.

From the British side of the Pond, Torchwood - the Dr. Who spin-off series - set largely in the Welsh city of Cardiff springs to mind as innovative and compelling.

True Blood, Supernatural, Reaper, are all on my "watch from the beginning!" list. 

Let's hear your loves and hates and general thoughts on urban fantasy tv!



  1. I really love Torchwood and have everything so far on DVD!!!

    I also liked that series from the Jim Butcher books, but they cancelled it, I think after the first series, but I saw it on the net...it was also really good.

    in Germany

  2. Hi Marie,
    I really loved the first series of Dark Angel, the second was a little weaker, i had hoped that they would do a third........oh well!
    Jessica Alba although young really carried the lead role well.
    True Blood...........the books are so much better, the tv series seems to concentrate more heavily on sex, sex and more sex.........sad to say sometimes sex can be boring, have the producers forfotten that sometime Less is More!
    waiting for the third series to kick off here later in the year, i have heard it's a lot darker and better....i hope so!

    Never really watched Buffy, although i did watch some of the series Angel, which was okay, but i though lacking a little "bite and omph"

    I have never watched Torchwood.

    from Ye Olde London Town

  3. I loved Buffy! I thought it was fantastic...loved that the heroine was young and could seriously kick butt...and I loved when they brought Angel into the show. I'm a huge fan of "Torchwood"...what a yummy show...I'm watching "Being Human" now which is different for me because the characters are struggling so much with who they are...I am watching "True Blood" but it's a little hard for me to watch because I'm a purist and the show has really deviated from the books...lol

  4. Hi Valerie! I don't think I know the Jim Butcher one...?

    Hello there, Monica! I caught a couple of Dark Angel at the beginning and was quite intrigued by it, although with all the competition for television round here, I lost the plot very quickly! I'd forgotten about that one...

    Maria, I loved Buffy too! It comes back to personal labels again, I suppose. I thought of Buffy as a vampire series, Angel as more urban fanytasy. But I've no real idea why!


  5. Marie you listed some good ones. I love catching reruns of Buffy and Angel and can't wait for True Blood to come back.
    Some of my new favorites are Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Haven, Warehouse 13 and Merlin. Whew...that was a lot!

  6. Good list, Cindy! Some of those are on my check-out list for DVD series! Merlin, I think has got better as the series progresses, at least as far as Merlin himself is concerned! Though some times Morganna just seems TOO evil!