Friday, 27 May 2011

Historical Party is in the Past!

Sadly, we've reached the end of another party, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Many thanks to the wonderful authors who joined us as guests of honour - Lynne Connolly, Summer Devon/Kate Rothwell, Lindsay Townsend, Evangeline Collins and Mary Lancaster. And of course, thank you to everyone who commented, and to everyone who just dropped in :).

Our next party will be on the theme of Steampunk Romance, 25th to 29th July - hope you'll join us then! Obviously this leaves June without a party - this is because I'm going on holiday for three weeks (SO looking forward to it!) - so instead of a party, I thought we could have a contest. Watch this space for details!



  1. Have a great holiday, Marie.

    Ooooooh, this exciting new genre!!

    in Germany

  2. Thanks, Valerie!

    And on steampunk - me too :). Have some fabulous guests for this event too - will let you know once they're confirmed!