Sunday, 22 May 2011

Welcome to the Historical Romance Party!

Greetings! And thank you for coming. Hang up your cloaks, or pass them to our well-trained servants, and help yourself to a glass of whatever beveridge takes your fancy. Then mingle with our guests from many different time periods and backgrounds, and escape with us into the world of historical romance.

From Dark Age England to Victorian New York, Whether your taste is for medieval knights or Regency rakes, you should find yourself well entertained here over the next few days! Here's our party schedule:

Monday: Lynne Connolly
Tuesday: Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon
Wednesday: Lindsay Townsend
Thursday: Evangeline Collins
Friday: Mary Lancaster.

To kick things off, tell us, do you have a favourite setting for your historical romance reading, in terms of period or location? For myself I'm a time hopper these days, although I've gone through heavy Regency England and medieval Scottish phases in the past!



  1. Regency England is my favorite too! After that is would be books with Vikings (sorry, not exactly sure what time period that would be, pre-medieval?).

  2. Hi Heather! Yep, Vikings are good too :).

    As to naming their period, opinions vary! Some call everything before the Norman Conquest the Dark Ages; but actually, they weren't as dark as all that :) - and when I was a student we studied the Vikings as part of the Medieval History course. Pre-medieval sounds as good to me as anything else!


  3. I still like Regency but have also read good Medieval and Victorian. I also have started reading some steampunk romance which is pseudo Victorian. The nice thing about historical romance is that it does not go out of date (although it can be dated by the type of plot and characters).

  4. Hi Carol,

    I find some steampunk fascinating too. In fact our next party - in July - is on the theme of steampunk!


  5. I have definitely gone through phases. I also try to expand out from time to time. I figure that there are a lot of time periods to choose from so I should at least sample them all. I am currently reading a lot of contemporary. I do, however, love Regency. Everyone is so proper and it is great fodder for humor.
    I am so excited that the next party is Steampunk. I love Steampunk!