Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Steamside Chronicles

Some of you may have noticed in my early announcements about the Steampunk Party, that one of our guests of honour was to have been Ciar Cullen. Unfortunately, Ciar had to cancel because of unavoidable family business, but having read and loved her steampunk novel, Steamside Chronicles, I thought this morning I'd post the blurb and urge you to check it out :).


Emily Fenwick, formerly with the NYPD, is now the reluctant defender of 1890 New York. Unfortunately for Emily, who hates "the creepy stuff", she ignored her inner voice, went to a carnival in Central Park, and entered a Victorian tent in hopes a psychic would have some encouraging news about her woefully boring love life. The guarantee she received of meeting a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes with a huge catch - he lives in an alternate dimension of the past.

Jack Pettigrew leads a quirky band of lost souls in a battle to save New York circa 1890. Nightmares have come alive and threaten to terrorize a fragile era. Jack leads the “punks,” who have been sucked back in time through a vortex. Each has a fleeting memory of their own death–or near death–and must determine for themselves why they have been chosen for this mission. Is Steamside their Purgatory? Could an Egyptian obelisk in Central Park be the cause of the time rift, or is Emily herself to blame for the goblins, zombies, and other nightmarish scenes plaguing them?

If the Punks want to return to 2010, they must ensure there’s going to be an 1891. If they conclude they’re really ghosts, then it might be time to party like it’s 1999.


  1. Sorry that we missed Ciar, but I definitely have to add Steamside Chronicles to my evergrowing steampunnk list!

  2. Steampunk Chronicles is not to be missed!!! Ciar has a special style that is wonderful!!!

    in Germany

  3. Yes, definitely worth it, Cyndi :)

    Agreeing with Valerie!


  4. I've read Ciar Cullen's Love's Alchemy a while back and really enjoyed it. I look forward to picking up this one, too.

    What a shame she couldn't join the party.

  5. Yes, they're all worth reading, Karen. Hopefully, we'll catch her at another party when things are quieter for her.