Monday, 22 August 2011

A Devilish Fantasy...

When I began writing romance - about seven years ago now! - it wasn't really erotic. More, romance with a little heat. Gradually, the heat turned up, although my stories are probably still the milder end of the erotica spectrum! Most of what I write is fantasy of one kind or another, so when one of my epublishers (Changeling Press) sent out a call for erotic stories to heat up a cold winter, I had this naughty fantasy about a woman who fell asleep on a sunny beach, and whose erotic dream didn't stop when she woke up :).

Here's a tiny excerpt to set it up:

ESCAPE: Devilish Fantasy
By Marie Treanor
Available Now from Changeling Press

When Fiona wishes for someone wicked to liven up her dull holiday in the sun, she hardly expects to wake up on the beach making love with an actual devil, complete with horns and forked tail…

Fiona wasn’t pleased to wake up. She’d been having a very pleasant, highly erotic dream and it was not a good time to leave it. On the other hand, as the distant sounds and smells of the beach intruded into her slowly surfacing consciousness, she realized she felt refreshed by her nap in the sun, and ready to face the challenge of her shitty, dull little life.

She stretched luxuriously in the warmth of the sun, and for the first time became aware of a constricting weight pinning her down. The weight moved, causing exquisite sexual tingles inside her body. Physical tingles.
Skin lay on hers, from breast to thigh. Outside her body and in.


Her eyes flew open. She stared into the dark hazel eyes of a man. A very handsome man with tangled black hair and distinctive upward-sloping eyebrows.

Shock held her paralyzed. She was having sex with a total stranger, and she should have been well freaked out. She was. Yet somehow she couldn’t summon up any outrage, never mind fear. Because he felt so good inside her.

But this wasn’t right!

“Who the devil are you?” she blurted at last.

“Got it in one,” said her lover with a wink...

:) Marie


  1. Wow, sounds really, really good. A must read!!

  2. Thank you! It was certainly great fun to write :). Is that you, Kathy? Thanks for persevering!


  3. LOL!! Love this premise, Marie! Thanks for the tantalizing snippet!

  4. :) Thanks, Fedora, and you're very welcome!

    I probably should have added that it's a short story...