Thursday, 25 August 2011

Freeing Al

Since I promised yesterday, here's a naughty excerpt from FREEING AL, a story about a vampiress who likes to be tied up. Of course, she's never yet discovered bonds she couldn't break! Anyway, here's a quick blurb and an excerpt.

Available from Ellora's Cave

Book three in the Psychic Seductions series.

Big Al MacNab is in trouble. Recently out of prison, he’s running his late uncle’s pub in the Scottish Highlands and trying to make a success of a local music festival. But he’s haunted by his own past—as well as by two persistent ghosts. Every criminal in the country wants to kill him, the police want to put him back in prison and his mother wants him to stop swearing. He doesn’t need a sexy vampiress serving drinks in his pub, let alone showing him kinky new uses for the restraints in his cellar.

Draguta, a vampire in search of a cause, has come to Scotland to find her ex-lover, Karoly, who owns the Transylvanian castle she wants to turn into a vampire safe house. Biting Al releases a lot of pent-up lust which has to be assuaged. Falling in love with Al revives a compassion and humanity she no longer knows how to deal with. Worse, she knows that after helping to free Al from his problems, she has to free him from herself.


Enslaved by a kiss. For a moment, the stunned thought sliced through my daze of helpless bliss, panicking me. I pulled away and found my back against the wall. I tried to speak, but instantly he sucked the words away in his beautiful, punishing mouth. At the same time, he ground his cock into me and I moaned.

His hands stroked my thigh, slid up over my hips and waist and the sides of my leather-covered breasts. Something dangerously like a whimper broke from my ravished lips, but he didn’t release them. His hands were on my shoulders, sliding down my arms to my hands, which he raised and pressed lightly back into the stone wall.

There was a snap. Several snaps, and the sound of clanking chain.

I froze. I could feel cool steel around my body, at my hips and waist and just under my breasts. I heard the screech of sliding metal and almost at the same time, bands closed around one ankle and both wrists.

Al’s eyes, dark with lust, stared into mine. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Stunned, I stared back. I wanted to dispute it, but in all honesty, I couldn’t. Hadn’t I been fantasizing about this very scenario last night? Just before I walked away from him, and he let me?

I said, “It doesn’t matter. Your chains can’t hold me. I’ve broken your locks before, remember?”

“You won’t break these.”

I jerked. Admittedly not very hard because I still thought I could bask in this situation just a little longer. But the complete lack of movement inspired me to try again, pushing my body more more forcefully against the restraints, and then again with all my considerable strength. I tugged hard on the manacles.

Nothing budged. I stared at him. If I’d had any breath, I’d have been panting.

“See?” he said smugly, and kissed me, rubbing his cock deliberately between my thighs.

His hands roved up from my waist and covered both of my breasts, kneading. Pleasure surged through me. He broke the kiss. “I’ve never even seen these,” he said in wonder, and began to unfasten the buttons of my jacket.

It seemed to take forever, leaving me in an agony of anticipation. And then, when he opened the jacket and just gazed at my breasts, I wanted to die of embarrassment. And pleasure. I liked him to look. I wanted him to keep looking forever. I ached for him to touch them.

“Christ,” he said unsteadily. Very slowly, he bent his head and took my left nipple into his mouth. His hand came up and palmed my right breast, softly running over the nipple while he began to suck on the left.

I moaned, arching my hips involuntarily to find him. But the chains held me back. All I had was the attention of his mouth and hand on my breasts. All? It was more arousing than any sex I could remember. His hand closed on my breast, kneading, while his thumb flicked back and forth across the nipple. It felt like heaven, especially when his tongue did the same to the other.

He swapped his hand and mouth around, the caresses of each growing stronger. My head fell back against the wall in bliss.

His knee came up, pushing between my thighs, stroking my throbbing, tender pussy.

His mouth released my nipple with one last lick. “You like that, Draguta?”

I couldn’t speak.

He took his knee away and I whimpered with loss.

“You like that, Draguta?” he repeated.

I nodded once, desperately, and he gave me his knee back. I arched into it with a moan, trying to rub myself more forcefully against it. The steel of the bottom body-band dug into me, just above my pubic bone, adding a further, wicked pleasure.

Al pushed the jacket back off my shoulders, tugging it down at the back to reveal as much of me as possible. He kissed my shoulders and throat, sucking the skin into his mouth until I let out an animalistic growl of need.

Even that didn’t scare him off. Instead, his fingers slid inside the middle steel ring, around the waistband of my trousers and found the fastenings. He raised his head so that he could watch my face while he undid my buttons
He grinned wolfishly. “It’s like Christmas.”

The buttons open, he slipped his hands inside, stroking the skin of my hips and belly. He knelt, kissing my stomach, dipping his tongue into my navel. He groaned. “Your skin is like velvet. Only it tastes of…I don’t know, but it’s like nectar.”

He tugged my trousers down over my hips and legs, letting the steel restraints graze my bare skin. He paused to stare at the neat, black curls at my pussy. One good thing about being a vampire: your pubic hair never grows.

He swallowed. “You really don’t like underwear, do you? Every bit of you is so bloody lovely. What the hell are you doing here?”

“Hanging around,” I said weakly.

:) Marie

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