Monday, 22 August 2011

Welcome Anne Rainey!

It's time to welcome our first guest of honour to the party - the very exciting Anne Rainey! Anne and I share an editor at Samhain Publishing, but she's also published with Ellora's Cave, Red Sage and Kensington. I'm delighted to have her with us today - welcome, Anne!

Anne Rainey’s Wild Life

<takes a sip of white zinfandel>

So, the life of an erotic romance author is pretty straight forward. To start with we all have the beauty of a goddess and the sex drive of a teenage boy. We can type as fast as any sixteen year old girl with a cell phone and we have the winning smile of a Hollywood starlet.

What are we doing when we aren’t writing? To begin with we keep a stable of beautiful men whose only concern is our happiness. Our men are hand picked. They go through a rigorous interview process, which includes running an obstacle course while naked. They must know each and every way to pleasure a woman. Failing this last task will get you tied to a wall and flogged.

<pours a bit more wine>

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Living in erotic bliss, having our every demand met must be pretty great, right? Well, we aren’t a greedy lot, of course. Why do you think we put pen to paper? We spread our happiness in the only way we know how—through our wicked stories. Ah, there are so many delicious men in our stables and so little time to give them all stories of their own.

<giggles> “Jonas, stop kissing my neck! It tickles.”

Really, Jonas Phoenix is such a sweetie, but he’s absolutely insatiable! You should have seen how happy he was after he read his story, Pleasure Bound. Or, more specifically chapter thirteen of Pleasure Bound. He thanked me in the most delicious way possible.

<releases a contented sigh>

Um, where was I? Oh, yea, my wild life of sex, stable boys, wine and chocolate. So, there you have it. The truth at last. I shop at Victoria’s Secret, own a stable of sexy, muscular men. I have bubble baths every single night. I eat only the finest chocolate money can buy. Yep, all true. My exotic life is one big party. 

<winks at Jonas>

Lord have mercy that man has great hands. Why, just last night he gave me a full body massage. Left me positively panting, let me tell ya.

Um, anyone here buying this load of crap? No? Okay, the truth is that erotic romance authors are moms, wives and daughters. We have dirty dishes, piles of laundry and errands to run. A good day is meeting our word count AND getting the dinner on the table on time.

The thing is, writing naughty stories does tend to be a blast. I love every second of it! I love reading them too. Some of my keepers: Wicked Pleasures by Lora Leigh, One Dark Night by Jaid Black, and Standing in the Shadows by Shannon McKenna—to name just a few.

Now, what are some of your favorite erotic romance stories?  

Also, here’s the blurb for Pleasure Bound, which releases October 25th! (and yes, Jonas Phoenix is quite wickedly delicious. That part of my story is true, hehe)

Pre-order here:


When Desire Burns This Hot...
With his sexy smile and rock-hard body, P.I. Jonas Phoenix is used to having women flock to his bed. But these days there's only one woman Jonas wants-and she won't give him the time of day.

The Only Choice...
Deanna Harrison knows she can't fight her attraction to Jonas forever, but she's looking for more than a fling. So Jonas issues Deanna a challenge: give him one weekend at his Miami beach house to win her over. No strings attached. No limitations.

Is Surrender...
Once in Miami, the sexual tension erupts as Deanna finally lets go-and lets Jonas pleasure her in ways she's only dreamed of. But while their bond grows stronger, danger lurks close by-and it could be deadly for them both...

Note:  Pleasure Bound is connected to So Sensitive. You can read the prologue and first chapter of So Sensitive here:

Adult Excerpt from Pleasure Bound:

Jonas tore himself out of his thoughts and sprinted toward the front door. His entire body went from zero to sixty as he glanced through the peephole. It seemed to take a shitload of time to unlock the door and get it open. When he did, Jonas nearly swallowed his tongue at the sight that greeted him.

Deanna stood in the hallway wearing a short black dress and a pair of the sexiest black pumps he’d ever seen on a woman. Attractive didn’t begin to describe her. Long legs, silky dark hair spilling down over her shoulders, and curves in all the right places. His hands itched to reach out and touch.

“Deanna,” he said by way of greeting.

She planted one hand on her hip and clutched a small black purse in the other. “Are you going to let me in or what?”

Jonas grinned at her sullen expression and stepped back to give her room to enter. After she was inside, he shut and locked the door. Deanna looked around the room; no doubt the interior designer in her was hard at work measuring up his furnishings. He, on the other hand, was busy measuring her up. Such a sweet ass. 
What he’d love to do to that delicious body part alone. Yum.

“Uh, I told you I needed a decorator, so don’t complain if it’s not up to par.”

She turned, halting his little fantasy. “It’s not so bad.”

“It’s ugly as hell and we both know it.”

Their gazes clashed. “I didn’t come here to talk about your couch.”

Jonas moved closer, noticing the way her spine stiffened. “I was hoping not,” he murmured. “And?”

“I’ll come to Miami with you.”

She said it so fast; Jonas had to take a second before the full meaning of her words hit him. “Be sure, Deanna. Be damn sure.”

She nodded and placed her palms against his chest. “I am. I’m through denying myself.”

He kept his hands at his sides and willed himself to stay calm. “I won’t hurt you, kitten. I’m not Gary.”

“I know you aren’t, but I’m not the fling type of woman, Jonas. I don’t do casual sex.”

“Good,” he growled. “There’s nothing casual about what I feel for you.”

Jonas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him, needing to feel her curves and valleys; then he tasted her as if he had all night. He licked her lips, and they parted for him. He thrust his tongue in and fucked her hot mouth. Her soft, pliable flesh against his hard body made him crazy with need. She was a drug to him. At that moment, Jonas knew he would do anything, say anything, to be inside of her sweet heat. The idea that she had so much control over him pissed him off.

Jonas lifted his head and stared down at her closed eyes and flushed face. He took in the scoop neckline of her dress and the tops of her heaving mounds of flesh that were exposed. Christ, what he wouldn’t give to tug the material a few inches south, to see her tits all plump and soft and ready to be suckled. He ached to wrap his lips around her nipples and nibble on them with his teeth. Bending his knees, Jonas lifted her into his arms and strode toward the couch.

Her eyes shot open when he sat her down in the center. He saw realization dawn in their pretty depths. “W-what are you doing?”

“Giving you a taste of what you’ll get in Miami.”

 “Jonas, please.”

He wasn’t certain whether she was pleading for him to continue or let her get up and leave. Jonas bent down and kissed her again, tasting her sweetness. He lifted an inch and asked, “Please what, Deanna?”

She buried her fingers in his hair and tugged him forward. “Please kiss me again.”

“Mmm, my pleasure, kitten.” He tilted her head back, forcing her to look at him as he covered her mouth with his. She let out a little whimper. “You’ve been driving me crazy,” he whispered between kisses. “I’ve been a pain in the ass all week because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” He kissed his way over her chin and lower. When his lips found the jumpy vein in her neck, he licked and sucked. Deanna’s fingers tightened, 
pulling almost painfully at his hair. “Soon I’m going to kiss every inch of you. I’m going to fill you up.” Jonas went to his knees in front of her and took hold of the hem of her dress. “Until then, until Miami, there’s this…”

“Jonas, what are you doing to me?” she asked in a voice gone husky with her arousal.

“I’ve been dying to taste you,” he answered. Deanna’s eyes rounded and fire sparked to life in their brown 
depths. “Lift up a little for me. Prove to me that you want this.”

When she quickly complied, Jonas’s dick hardened. He slipped her dress upward a few inches, not quite exposing her panties. The satin of her lightly tanned skin beckoned him. Lowering his head, Jonas kissed a little mole high on her inner thigh. “Jesus, you have the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.” When he pushed the dress up to her waist, exposing a black, silky thong, Jonas’s dick wept with joy. “Goddamn, that’s hot.”

She started to protest, and he could see the way her cheeks bloomed pink at his erotic words. He didn’t know how experienced Deanna was, but he suspected she was way too innocent for the likes of him. Not that it mattered, because he wasn’t going anywhere.

Jonas fingered the leg band of the thong and hummed his approval. “Did you wear this for me, Deanna?” She licked her lips and stayed silent. Her gaze ate him up, though. If she only knew what that look was doing to his self-control, she’d get up and run.

Not willing to give her too much time to rethink her decision, Jonas tugged the little black scrap of material to one side, baring her pussy for the first time…

Today, Anne is giving away a print copy of her newest release at Kensington, So Sensitive, AND an ebook of the winner's choice! To enter the draw, answer her question above: What are some of your favorite erotic romance stories? Or comment on her post in some other way. The contest will close at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced tomorrow on this thread.


  1. Hi, Anne! How lovely to see you here ;) Anne's got some fabulous erotic romance stories--her Vaughns are still among my favorites! Some other favorites are part of a group called International Heat: Mari Carr's--sweet but scorching, Jess Dee, Lexxie Couper, Rhian Cahill, Lila Dubois, Jambrea Jones, JR Patrick, and I just started Jayne Rylon's Powertools--yowza! All of them combine great story-telling with stories that'll get your motor running :)

  2. Hi Fedora! You've got some great names in your list, there :)

    Anne, since ebooks really blazed the trail with erotic romance - do you find you tone down the heat level or language when you're writing for a traditional print publisher like Kensington? Or do they like it equally hot? :)


  3. Hi,

    I love erotic romances. But sometimes, I am afraid that some authors put in lots of erotic scenes when one or two are plenty. It sometimes feels like they are thrown in just to put the book in the 'erotic' category. Still, there are some authors I really enjoy, like Jaci Burton and of course, I would love to read yours too.

    in Germany

  4. Fedora--I agree, those authors write smokin' hot stories. I just read Lexxie Couper's "Assassin" and it was fantastic!

  5. Marie--If anything my Kensington stuff is hotter, to be honest. With the Aphrodisia line the author has a bit more wiggle room, I suppose. :)

  6. Valerie--I haven't read Jaci Burton, can you believe that? LOL! I want to, just haven't had a lot of time to read lately. :)

  7. Hello Anne,

    I like the fantasy world of an erotic author that you painted for us in the beginning...if only, LOL. Great post, I really loved the excerpt. Damn, Jonas Phoenix sounds hot!

    And, in answer to your question, some of my favorite erotic authors are: Lauren Dane (Love her Brown Sibling series) "Coming Undone" was my favorite of the series, Kathy Love (She's an amazing paranormal romance author)"Any Way You Want It" is a personal favorite, and Keri Arthur to name a few (I loved her Riley Jensen Guardian series)with this one I'd have to say I LOVED the whole series, seriously she was that good.
    It was a great question, and you gave some great suggestions as well. Congratulations on your new release. It's now on my TBB list. (My email, I'd love to be entered into your contest)

    Much success,

  8. Anne, out of curiosity, do you always write hot? Or do some of your stories have less heat than others? Would you ever consider writing something tame (on the scale of things ;)) or even YA?

  9. Jennifer--I love Lauren Dane! And I've been meaning to read Keri Arthur. Her books look really good. :)

  10. Fedora--I do want to write a YA. My daughters read a lot, Hunger Games series, Scorch Trials series, Maximum Ride series, to name a few, and they've been egging me to write in that genre. I just have to come up with a storyline that's not way overdone. Ack! LOL

  11. I love your Vaughn series!!!! I also love Maya Banks, Jaci Burton, Lorelei James... My theory is the hotter the better!! And Jonas is YUM :)

    Angela Pascoe in OC

  12. Ohhh I so want this new book! I recently just found Anne Rainey as an author n have read her Vaughn series n LOVED it I want more!! People I read are very similar to Fedoras lol Jess, Lexxie, Rhian, Jayne - but also the Smutketeers- Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Karen Erickson, & Crystal Jordan, more?? Lol theNine Naughty Novelists love em all! SL Carpenter & Sahara Kelly and my new I found this month is Cassidy Hunter. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  13. Valerie, I've read some like that, too, but I get the impression there's been a bit of a backlash recently against ladling on the sex for no reason. To me, a good erotic romance never feels like that.

    Thanks for answering, Anne - interesting!


  14. I'm sure one will hit you, Anne, and then you'll be off and running in YA, too :) How cool--you'd have built-in beta readers at home :)

    As for sex just for sex's sake, I agree that it's a bit of a turn off, but as you said, Marie, in good erotic romance, the sex is a part of the story and the characters.

  15. I usually buy based on plots or genres (urban fantasy, steampunk, etc.) so the erotic part of a book is what comes along with it sometimes. I am another Keri Arthur fan, both for Riley Jenson and also for Erin. I've read just about everything by Cherise Sinclair, liked Felicity Heaton's "In Heat" series.


  16. Hi Anne...personally your Vaughn series is the best. Top 5 authors, besides you, Mari Carr, Cherry Adair, Julie Garwood, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin. Of course, I'm very partial to Harlequin books, too.

    I read all genres and heat levels, too. I don't have just one that I read.

    Great excerpt and now I need an ice bath.

  17. LOL. Have too many favorites to list the titles but some favorite authors are Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Stormy Glenn, Joyee Flynn,just to name a few I haven't seen listed here.

  18. daydrmzzz--Ooh, yes, SL Carpenter writes some steamy stuff. And I forgot to mention that I love Shayla Black too.

  19. Carol--With Keri Arthur, which book should I try first?

  20. Harlie--I love the Harlequin books too!

  21. Chris--I haven't read Emma Holly in a long time. Need to check out her current releases! :)

  22. Hey Anne! Great interview! You want me to name only a few favs? Ack! I've been reading them too long to only be able to list a few. You know I love your stuff. :0)


  23. Connie--Thanks for visiting me here! And don't forget to come back because every day this week because Marie has quite a lineup: Desiree Holt, Angela Knight, Lila Munro, & Sloane Taylor.

  24. I always go blank when I read these kinds of questions! Well, I love Dangerous Boys and their Toy by Shayla Black. It's the first erotic book I ever read. I love Lorelei James. Her cowboys are yummy. Don't even get me started about her book Rough, Raw and Ready! There are so many others but I just can't think of them right now.

  25. I hav only recently begun reading erotic romance (about 5 or 6 months ago)so I have alot of catching up to do. So far some of my faves are Cherise Sinclair, Eden Bradley, Crystal Jordan, and the other Smutketers, Mari Carr, and Eve Langlais. There are so many others that I have read and enjoyed alot, but those are just some of the ones off the top of my head.
    June M.

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  27. Man, oh Man its super hard to choose between Anne's books but I LOVE Tasting Candy. I have a varied taste in romance books but my faves are Mari Carr, Jambrea Jo Jones, Jayne Rylon, Regina Carlysle, Laurann Dohner and so many more! :)


  28. I like Emma Holly, Mari Carr and Eden Bradley. I hate answering this type of question because I cannot always remember. I love that cover!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  29. Jen--Can you believe I haven't read Dangerous Boys? I need to get that one on my Nook.

  30. June--That's a great selection of authors. :)

    Yvonne--Tasting Candy is still a favorite of mine. Loved Blade and Candice together.

  31. Dangerous Boys was one the first erotic books that I read. I have it in print.

    You mentioned Blade...***sigh**

  32. Harlie--If you liked Blade then you're going to love my Blackwater series coming to Samhain soon! All five Jennings brothers have pushed their way right into my heart. :)

  33. ***quintuplet sigh***

    Really???? This is why I love you. You know that, right?

  34. Favorite erotic author-do I have to just pick one? Can't-there are so many I read-Mari Carr, Jambrea Jo Jones, Anne Rainey, Vivian Arend, Jess Dee, Lexxie Couper....anyway great fun post and excerpt.

  35. That's a heck of a talented list of authors, Nancy! Thanks SO much for including me among them. :)

  36. Enjoyed reading all your favourite authors - and found a few to check out myself!

    Anne, thank you for being such a wonderful guest of honour!

    I'll be back in a few minutes with Anne's winners...

  37. OK, the winner of Anne's SO SENSITIVE in print is...


    Nancy, please contact me, Marie AT MarieTreanor DOT com with your postal address.

    And the winner of the ebook is:


    Jennifer, please email me Marie AT MarieTreanor DOT com with your choice of Anne's ebooks. You can check them all out here:


  38. Thanks again for hanging out, Anne! Happy HOT reading, Nancy and Jennifer!

  39. Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments. I had fun reading all about your favorite erotic authors. And I've added a few of them to my TBB list.

    Thanks so much for having me, Marie! I look forward to the other posts this week!

  40. You're welcome, Anne! Thanks for entertaining us so well!


  41. Congrats Jennifer!!!

    in Germany