Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome Ayla Ruse!

Happy December everyone!   This is my favorite time of the year: cooler weather, festivities going on everywhere, and wishes. What would life be without wishes?

In Emmy’s Wish, the dear little Workshop Elf is asking – no, begging - for a huge, um, male for Christmas. All the Workshop Elves are well, little, and Emmy wants a taste of something more.

Have you had your own Christmas wishes? Something you wanted more than anything?  One of mine, believe it or not had been to get a Kitchen Aid mixer. What about you? I’d love to hear some of your Christmas wishes.

Emmy's Wish by Ayla Ruse


Emmy woke up Christmas morning hopeful, excited, and with eyes squeezed shut. She took a deep breath and peeked to her right.

Damn. No hulking male. Shrugging her shoulders, she bounced out of her bedroom. Her destination: the kitchen, and breakfast. Even though it was still early and not much sunlight filtered in, she didn’t turn on her lights. She’d decorated the high, open beams throughout her cottage with bright, twinkling, multi-colored rope lights, lending a festive glow throughout her home. Dancing a little to make her bell sing as she made her way into the living room, she didn’t pay attention around her, and her leg banged against something solid. Off balance, she fell over the obstacle and landed hard on the floor.

“Mmm, Merry Christmas to me,” a low, male voice resonated through the room.

Emmy froze with her forearms on the floor, and her waist caught over what she quickly realized was a male leg.

“Does that sweet ass come with a face?” the voice inquired seductively.

Her initial embarrassment fled and excitement poured through her. She pushed up to her hands, turned her head and became speechless at the sight of the male draped across her couch. As she looked up his length, his clothing stood out first. His pants and shirt shimmered a blue and white blend that reminded her of the frozen lakes out back. She smiled at the bulge growing under his pants, but moved her eyes up to his face. Lean yet formidable, his dark skin stood out starkly against so much white. It was difficult to pinpoint under the colored glow in the room, but she’d put his coloring at a light smoky gray. Like the first shadows to fall at dusk. His white hair was long, thick, and shaggy -- not in a derelict way, but more of a blending in with nature kind of way.

She stopped breathing when their gazes locked. His eyes were white, with icy blue irises and a brighter starburst of white for pupils. He tilted his head and her gaze averted to his pointed ears. Elf’s ears. It couldn’t be.

“You’re an elf?” she asked incredulously.

He nodded. “I’m a Border Elf.”

“The ones that protect and patrol the North Pole? I’d heard you guys were ugly.”

The Border Elf laughed out loud.

“You are definitely not ugly,” she said hurriedly, teetering on his leg as she worked herself upright. Once on her feet, she didn’t stay there for long. She crawled right up and over the male and straddled his hips as if she’d done so a million times before.

“Whoa.” He grinned. His blinding smile dazzled her. “What’s this about?”

“Santa sent you, right?”

“He did. He told me he had an elf who wanted to play with a Border for a day.”

She clapped her hands and, raising her head, whispered, “Thank you, Santa.” Looking back into the arresting face of the male underneath her, she said, “You’re my gift. I get to play with you all day!”

Today, Ayla is giving away an ebook from her backlist to one lucky winner. To enter, answer Ayla's question above about your Christmas wishes, or comment on her post in some other way. Her contest will stay open all day, and her winner will be announced tomorrow on the thread.


  1. Hi Ayla! This sounds great fun :). Thanks for joining us today!

    So, where did this story idea come from?


  2. Ooh, how fun, Ayla! One of my wishes is for some quiet time to spend with my TBR ;) But that's something I'd like any time of year!

  3. I must admit that I never thought of a Santa type elf as hot. Yes, where did that idea come from?
    I generally don't have Christmas wishes although this year I am looking forward to hopefully no outrageous disasters for the Sunday School Christmas pageant - although minor mishaps can be funny.

  4. Thanks Marie, for having me! It's been fun.

  5. flchen1 - I like your wish. Imagine, solo time with my TBR. More like a fantasy than a wish sometimes, isn't it?

  6. Carol - It's amazing how thoughts pop out of nowhere. I wrote this story awhile ago and honestly, I can't remember the origin of this idea. :D Best of luck with the pageant. I know these can be a lot of fun - especially when it involves little ones.

  7. My wish this year is for Collectorz software to organize my book collection!

  8. Fabulous wish, Jen. Best of luck getting what you want. :D

  9. I just want a quiet Christmas with eggnog.
    linze_e at

  10. hmmm...well I guess I really wish for a new laptop and that awesome Dragon program so I can talk and it will type! It would make things so much easier for my writing!!
    Ashley A

  11. I put a Christmas list together to help my dad out if I get anything on my list that's awesome but if I don't it's no big deal.

    I think the thing I've wanted most for awhile is a laptop, I think it'd really come in handy for me especially since I have to share the computer with two other people.

    That's probably the biggest thing I've wanted in a long while. If I get it great, if not well there's always next year!

  12. Interesting wishes - hope they all come true!

    Ayla, thanks so much for joining us today!

    And Ayla's winner is....

    Ashley A!

    Congratulations, Ashley! Please contact me Marie AT MarieTreanor DOT com with your choice from Ayla's backlist.


  13. My wish for Christmas? To finally get the Internet working at my house! That way I can download and read your book, Ayla. :) Sorry I missed the contest, but I still plant to read the book. Sounds like sexy fun. Merry Christmas!!!