Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome Zenobia Renquist!

My contribution to the White Hot Christmas multi-author series pretty much says everything I feel about Christmas. To everyone who celebrates (for whatever reason you celebrate), I wish you a very merry and stress-free Christmas. For everyone else, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, and a very happy gift-giving holiday season. 

Happy Reading,

Zenobia Renquist

Stripping Christmas by Zenobia Renquist

Genre: Erotic, Paranormal, Interracial
Release Date: 16 December 2011

Alex is firmly on the naughty list, and she wants Santa to join her.

Alex thought she was going to a job. Instead she ends up marrying the heir to the title of Santa Claus. The vows have been said and cannot be taken back, even if Alex isn't the ideal bride Kris was hoping for to re-energize the powers of the House of Kringle. But Alex is about to teach him that being a little naughty -- or a lot -- can go a long way.

“You are Alexanna Laurel Ford, are you not?”

“Yes. Why?”

Kris shook his head hard. “This cannot be. The website said you were a nice girl of a giving nature. It is the reason I chose you as my bride.”

“I'm not your bride, buddy. Stop saying that.”

“You agreed. Before witnesses, you agreed. The power of matrimony has bound us.”

Alex wasn't going to get anywhere arguing about the marriage thing. She tried a different tactic. “What website?”

Kris walked over to a large desk. Alex followed him. Kris pulled up the website in question and gestured to it. “It seemed the perfect place to find my bride after searching this past year to no avail.”

Alex rolled her eyes at the title of the site -- Finding Your Perfect Mrs. Claus. It was her boss's idea of getting into the holiday spirit. She said, “Show me what you clicked on to get to me.”

The page had two buttons -- one said Naughty and the other said Nice. Naughty referred to strippers who did full nudity, while Nice referred to strippers who went down to a string bikini.

Kris clicked the Nice button, which led to a page of pictures. Alex's picture was the last on the page. Kris said, “I looked through all of the girls and found you the most desirable as my wife.” He clicked on her picture and loaded a page featuring stats about Alex -- age, height, weight, likes, etc -- and a vid of Alex wearing a Mrs. Claus ball gown while handing out presents to a room full of happy men.

Gesturing to the vid, Kris said, “You are a bringer of joy. Looking at this video confirmed you would be my perfect wife. I paid the dowry and here you are.”

Alex snorted. “Dowry, huh?” He had to mean the private party fee to have her strip on location.

“It was a small sum, but I paid it gladly.”

“Did you click on the button that says more?” She pointed to the bottom right of the screen.

Kris clicked the button. Another page loaded, showing the second half of the vid that had started on the previous page. It showed Alex ripping open her Mrs. Claus breakaway dress to the hooting and hollering of the men who had just gotten her presents. She danced on and around a pole while men stuffed money down her bra and panties.

Alex watched as Kris turned pale and his ears drooped until they were almost folded in half. His look of horror returned.

“What… what are you doing? This is naughty. This is extremely naughty. No wife of the House of Kringle should do such things as this.”

Today, Zenobia is giving away a PDF of her Rite Men for Maya to one lucky reader who tells us who's the best Santa Claus you've encountered in real life, book or film :) - or who comments on her post in some other way. Zenobia's contest will stay open all day until midnight, and her winner will be announced tomorrow on this thread.


  1. (blinks)
    There's more than one Santa Claus?

  2. :) Well, only one REAL one obviously! I'm thinking of all the "pretend" incarnations :).

    Zenobia, love the excerpt and the idea of a naughty Santa :). IS this a long-standing fantasy of yours?


  3. There is a Santa Claus? ;)

    I can't remember one special Santa in book or film.

  4. This particular story intrigues me the most, I mean can you get more unique then Kris Kringle being married to a stripper? (don't answer that, because then I'll start hearing about even more intriguing stories!)

    I think one of my favorite Santa Clause portrayals is the one Tim Alan played in the Santa Clause movies, the first movie was on last night and I'd forgotten how jerky he was before he finally started to believe. I did really like him as Santa though.

    I also liked the person who played Santa in Miracle on 34th Street, the newer one that has the actress who played Wilma in the live action Flintstones movie.

    I wish I could remember the actor's name, even though I haven't seen all of the movie I still thought he did a pretty good job.

    Great excerpt Ms. Renquist! I hope to read this book someday.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi everybody and thanks for coming out!

    Cynthia - In my world, yes there is. It's a long standing family business. :P

    Marie - Yup, there is only one REAL Santa at a time. And no, it's not a long-standing fantasy. I actually came up with it while I was stuck in NYC at for my day at Nationals waiting for my train home. It's all M's fault. She said no hookers in Mrs. Claus outfits for the White Hot Christmas and I immediately thought, "A stripper isn't a hooker... hmmmm." The rest blew up from there. What's worse, this book has two sequels that I'll be working on soon. :)

    UteH - I suggest more Christmas movies, though it is hard to choose just one. Thanks for stopping by.

    Gabby - You're right, I shouldn't answer that since it might spawn another book. Plot bunnies run rampant at Changeling Press. The Miracle on 34th Street Santas (any of them) always do a wonderful job. I'm sure Macy's has a hand in that since it's their name on the line. I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for stopping by.

    ~ Zenobia

  6. LOL! Great excerpt, Zenobia! We're not much of a Santa-celebrating family, but it's always fun to see one who gets into the spirit of things :)

  7. We have a local Santa that is amazing! He is a mall Santa. jepebATverizonDOTnet

  8. I still like the Santa from the original Miracle on 34th Street.
    linze_e at

  9. - Fedora - Thanks for stopping by even if you don't celebrate. I appreciate it.

    - Jen - A good mall Santa is hard to come by. You're so lucky.

    - Lindseye - He's a fav of many, including me. Though I'm also kind of partial to the Santa in the beginning of National Lampoon's Christmas. :)

    ~ Zenobia

  10. Enjoyed your favourite Santas :).

    Zenobia, that'll teach M :). Thanks for being our guest today!

    Zenobia's winner is...


    Congratulations, you lucky thing :).


  11. Congrats, Lindsey!

    Your ebook is on its way.

    ~ Zenobia