Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome Cynthia Sax!

Many readers ask me “Cynthia, why do you have demons in your Christmas stories?”

One of the reasons Christmas is so special to me is because I spend it with some of the people I love. That is what eventually makes Christmas special for my demons also.

In both Bitsy’s Christmas Demon and Clothing Optional, demons are assigned fairies to protect. At first, they see Christmas as merely another day, but as they fall in love with their fairies, Christmas becomes very special to them. It is the only time of the year, they see the females they love, and they come to associate Christmas trees and sparkling holiday lights and Christmas carols with that warm, happy feeling.

And that is what I wish for you. I wish you a Christmas full of love and hope.

What gives you that warm, happy, loved feeling? Is it hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows? A cuddly sweater? A belly full of turkey? I’d love to know!

By Cynthia Sax

Every Christmas, an ancient demon stalks and murders fairies. Until this killer is apprehended, each fairy is assigned a demon protector. Otho volunteers to protect Prism, the most uptight fairy on the face of the planet.

Or so he thinks...

When Otho arrives at Prism's house three hours early and spots his blue-haired fairy streaking down the street completely nude, he realizes his perfect fairy is only perfect for him.

Unfortunately, he is not the only demon with eyes on her bare buttocks.


Otho twisted his wrist to glance at his watch. It was three a.m., and the demon council clearly stated that the fairy protection shifts didn’t start until six a.m. on the twenty-fourth. If he showed up at her door three hours early, Prism would ask why, and then he’d have to admit he’d been counting down the days to seeing her again.

She’d raise those finely plucked eyebrows.

He’d feel like a jackass.

So Otho stayed outside in the freezing cold, leaning against his winter-inappropriate 1957 Corvette convertible, sipping hot black coffee, contemplating his attraction to the most uptight fairy on the planet. She was a librarian, for fuck’s sake, and around him, her lips were constantly pursed with disapproval. God, they were soft lips though. He could imagine them pursed around his --

The door opened, and Otho ducked behind the car. A beautiful face peeked out, looking from side to side, her dark blue hair pulled back in a ponytail. He watched her with lust and keen interest.

What the fuck was she doing?

Prism stepped outside. She was wearing that white terrycloth robe he’d often seen hanging on the coat rack by her front door. On her feet were gleaming white sneakers, with matching socks folded neatly down to her ankles.

She took another look about her and nodded to herself as if mentally confirming a fact she already knew. Prism then turned around until she faced the open door, removed her robe, tossed it inside, and closed the door.

Otho’s mouth dropped. His eyes widened. His entire being stilled.

She was gloriously, wonderfully, buck-ass naked.

Sure, she’d been naked with him before, when they fucked last Christmas, after imbibing one too many glasses of spiked eggnog, but that had been a fast and furious fuck in the dark, under layers of concealing cotton sheets. He hadn’t had a good look at her body.

He did now.

Her breasts were small and firm, tipped with indigo nipples that tightened to mouthwatering peaks as they came into contact with the cold air. Her stomach was flat and indented with muscles he never thought he’d find attractive on a female. Her hips were shapely, with a triangle of closely cropped blue curls nestled between them. And those legs… He licked his lips. Those legs should be classified as a weapon. Normally concealed under loose black trousers or ankle-length skirts, they were long and lean and perfectly designed for wrapping around a demon’s thick torso.

              His cock showed his appreciation for her fit physique, pressing painfully against the zipper of his dress pants. Smoke curled around his flared nostrils. He stepped toward her.

And then she was gone, running along the street in a flash of blue.

             Every demonic cell in his massive body screamed to follow, to chase her, hunt her, claim her as his. “Fuck, yeah.” His brain agreed with that plan. Otho plunked the cup down on his car’s newly waxed hood, coffee splattering on the impeccable paint job, and he hauled ass after her.

Today, Cynthia is giving away any one of her backlist titles from All Romance Ebooks - winner's choice. To enter the draw, answer Cynthia's question above: What gives you that warm, happy, loved feeling? Is it hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows? A cuddly sweater? A belly full of turkey? I’d love to know! Or comment on her post in some other way. The contest will be open all day, and will close at midnight tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow on this thread.


  1. Sitting on the sofa, cuddling with my husband ;)

    And if that's not an option, white cocos chocolate is it :)

  2. Hi Cynthia! Great to have you at the party - especially with this brilliant excerpt :). So, are demons your favourite paranormal creature?

    Ute, cuddly husband and white chocolate sounds a perfect combination :)


  3. Whoa, what an excerpt!

    Hm... I love having time together with family and friends--just enjoying a meal together and laughing and catching up! We don't always make time for that during the year, and it's a treat to do that during the holidays!

  4. Oh, that sounds lovely, UteH.
    I read in some science magazine that hugs make people live longer. I'm thinking cuddles must do the same!

  5. Thank you for hosting the party, Marie!
    I really appreciate it!

    I love demons...and dragon shifters...and wolves. Oh, heck, I'm easy. I like the bad boys though.

  6. It IS fun to get together with loved ones, isn't it, flchen1?

  7. A cup of hot tea and a good book. Also a nice snuggly blanket. I also love hanging out with my family and friends.
    Cynthia is a new author for me and would love to win and read her book. I loved the excerpt and would love to finish this book. Going on my Christmas wish list.

  8. I just wanted to wish all of our guest authors that have joined us for this great party a Happy Holidays!

    I also wanted thank Marie for all her effort in throwing these neat theme parties, here's hoping you'll be just as creative party theme and book wise next year!

    Ok, heartfelt smoozing aside. (I meant every word.)

    It's always nice to curl up with a good book around the holidays, but I think it's better if you're hanging out with family.

    Very interesting excerpt, all these authors are new to me so I'd love to win at least one of these books!

    Again happy holidays to everyone!

  9. For me, its a glass of spiked egg nog, a fire in the fireplace, and my hubby and I snuggled on the couch.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. For me, I like stuffed animals given to me by my kids.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  11. I love hanging out with my family. Either watching tv, snuggling or playing a board game. jepebATverizonDOTnet

  12. Watching Hallmark commercials.
    linze_e at

  13. Aw, I'm getting warm and fuzzy just reading your comments!

    Cynthia, what's the difference between a hug and a cuddle? The cuddle lasts longer? :). And I agree, there is something about bad boys - keep them coming :).

    Gabby, thank you! You're very welcome, and I've enjoyed the parties as much as you. Although I may have to cut them back a little next year, just to get some writing done!

    And so to Cynthia's winner, who is....


    Congratulations, Debby! Could you please contact me, Marie AT MarieTreanor DOT com, with your choice of Cynthia's backlist titles? Thank you!