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Snowflake – Cynthia Sax

Thank you Marie for inviting us to your online home! You’re a great friend to all of us in Romanceland and we really appreciate you!

My Christmas release, Snowflake, is aptly named because Christmas for me means snow. Many of my friends and family live in warm climates (my hubby was born in Guyana). They celebrate Christmas on the beach in the sun.

I love sun and beaches but when December 25th rolls around, I long for my childhood home, for the crisp, clean cold, for snow. I yearn to melt perfect, pure, one-of-a-kind snowflakes on the tip of my tongue. I want to make snow horses so large, multiple people can ride them.

Nerva and Merry, the demon hero and fairy heroine of Snowflake, want redemption and love and acceptance.

What do you want for Christmas?

Cynthia Sax


Merry is the manufacturing plant slut. The Christmas Fairy performs her unofficial duties as a Santa's Helper on her back, bringing holiday cheer to the hard-working elves.

Nerva is the ancient demon known as the fairy killer. He pulls the wings off fairies, searching for a cure to his age-inflicted madness.

When bad meets bad, Christmas miracles happen.

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“I need to be more.” Merry gazed up at the sky. Snowflakes danced in the air, illuminated by the streetlights. The notes of a Christmas carol hung on the night breeze. “I need --”

“Me.” The word rumbled through her, a thunder preceding a passionate storm.

Merry froze, her heart pounding with fear and sexual excitement, the speaker’s voice deep and arousing and undeniably male. “Who --”

A solid form slammed into her, pushing the air from her lungs. Merry spun and hands covered hers, slapping her palms on the side of a building, her skin stinging.

“Keep them there,” he instructed.

So he can kill me easily? Fuck that. She opened her mouth to tell him off, and he covered her lips with a hot, callused palm, his claws pricking her cheeks.

“Scream and I’ll kill you,” her attacker growled in her ear, his lips humming against her skin. “Understand?” He squeezed her face.

If he’s giving me the opportunity to live, he can’t be the fairy-killing demon everyone’s so scared of. Merry nodded, stimulated by his dominance, her terror easing. He merely wants to fuck me. She squirmed, wiggling her ass into his groin, needing that fuck, knowing in her sluttish heart it would be mind-blowing, not caring that he was a stranger, a male she’d never met and might not meet again.

“Good fairy.” He released her mouth and bent over her, his chest pressing against her spine, his hips aligning with hers, his hardness prodding between her thighs.

A big cock. She breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of minerals and fire, a seductive heat radiating from his cloak-covered physique. Belonging to a demon. She fluttered her wings, wings the fairy-killing demon would have already ripped off, killing her instantly.

“Too many clothes.” Her demon yanked her skirt above her waist, ripping the hem, his brutality thrilling her. “You have a pretty pussy, smooth and clean.” He kicked her feet apart, widening her stance, and slid his obscenely huge, pussy-damaging cock between her thighs. “And you’re wet for me.”

“You’re too large, demon,” Merry murmured her disappointment, needing him inside her, this male she didn’t know

“Once I come, I’ll shift and fuck you fully.” The demon rocked, rubbing his cock along her pussy, the friction exquisite. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? To be fucked by a stranger, like some common whore in a back alley?”

“Yes,” Merry shamelessly admitted, her sex drive strong and undeniable. “I want this, need this.” She swiveled her hips, grinding down on his shaft, savoring every inch of him.

“Gods, you’re dripping.” He humped against her, digging his claws into her hips, selfishly using her for his own pleasure. “Cover me with your juices, Merry. Brand me with your spearmint scent.”

He knows my name. Her face heated. Have I fucked him before? She rode his big cock, fucking him without penetration, feeling every vein pulsing along his shaft. No, I’d remember this, him.

“So good,” she moaned, his rim dragging over her clit, setting her body ablaze.

“Mind-clearing.” He maintained a wild, punishing rhythm, pummeling her pussy with his cock, slapping his skin against hers, the points of contact, of connection, heating. “Made for me.” Smoke curled around them, dark and heavy with his scent. “My cure.”

“Your whore.” She trembled uncontrollably, teetering on the fine edge of fulfillment, her passions primed from a day filled with unsatisfying sex.

“My salvation.” His lips teased her earlobe, his touch stimulating and surprisingly gentle, almost reverent. “You’re close, fairy.”

“Please.” She squirmed, aching, wanting, needing.

“Come for me.” He reached around her body, encircling her with strength and power. “Now.” He slapped her clit hard, the impact jolting her form.

“Yes,” she screamed, arching, stiffening, the swirling snowflakes bursting into brilliant neon color, a rush of heat flowing over her, melting the ice inside her heart.

“Fuck,” her demon roared, driving his hips forward, smacking against her ass. Hard jets of cum spurted from his huge cock, creating clouds of steam in the winter air, melting the snow accumulated on the ground.

“Thank you.” Merry sagged, her body drained and limp, held upright by his massive arms. “You don’t know how much I needed that.”

“And you don’t know how much I need you.” He flipped her easily. She caught a glimpse of flat black eyes before he pushed her face into his cloak-covered chest.

Flat black eyes. She stilled, listening to the beating of his heart, his muscles rising and falling against her. Long cloak. Demon.

“Oh shit.” Merry tilted her head back to gaze up, up, up at a dark primitive face, his lips flattened into a thin grim line, his horns curling toward the stars. “You’re… you’re… you’re the fairy killer.” I’m dead. She trembled, shaken by passion’s after tremors, acute fear, and an excitement she didn’t want to examine. I’m so fuckin’ dead.

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  1. Your book looks soo HOT !

    Merry Christmas !


  2. Dang now I need to read this one. *sighs*

    1. Hi Dawn!
      I do my best to write stories you'd like!

  3. I'd like to read more about these characters.


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  4. Looks like the type of read to keep you warm on a cold night!! :)

    And I would really like to have world peace as a present this year!!! There is just too much war and suffering these days.

    in Germany

    1. Hi Valerie!
      World peace would be a wonderful present! World peace and happiness for everyone!

  5. Thanks Kym!
    Yes, Snowflake is a hot one, a story to warm you up!

  6. Oh my! Now that's one hot excerpt, Cynthia! No chance of snow here now!

    As for what I want for Christmas? For the kids to stop bickering? But that might be more difficult to achieve than world peace ;) How about more books? I think that's more manageable ;p

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